Places to visit


Solva (6 Miles)


Well worth a stop on the way to St Davids, a pretty little village which leads down to a natural harbour. The pub next to the car park, which is right on the waterside, is always very popular when the sun shines.

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St Davids (9 Miles)

The smallest city in the United Kingdom by virtue of its cathedral. The cathedral and the surrounding abbey ruins are well worth a visit and are particularly notable for their very sheltered location, chosen to provide a hiding place from raiding Vikings. The city itself is served not by the more usual Marks and Spencers, but by a range of small craft and teashops.

Picton Castle, House & Gardens (12 miles)

Small but, in our view, charming historic home and gardens, RHS recommended. Make sure to visit the café here, ‘Marias’ which is distinctly Spanish in flavour.

Abereiddy (10 miles)

Headland at Abereiddy

Spectacular coastal lagoon, left as a result of slate mining in the area. The venue of the Red Bull cliff diving championships and many locals still test their nerve by jumping from the cliffs here. Not for the faint hearted. Recent winter storms have destroyed the car parking that used to be found here and it is now best reached by parking at Porthgain and walking a mile or so back along the coast.

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Narbeth (16 miles)

Central market town with lots of high quality art and craft shops.

Tenby (28 miles)

Ancient walled town, with two very long beaches, very popular with Summer visitors, so lots of ‘seaside’ attractions.

National Botanic Garden of Wales (45 miles)


Is worth a visit if you enjoy gardens. It is a good day out with beautifully landscaped gardens, a substantial glass house, now with exotic Butterflys, and an impressive walled garden. Consider visiting Aberglasney (a further 10 miles), at the same time, for a full day out.


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Wales Tourist Board Grading: 4 Star