Local Attractions

Folly Farm


Folly Farm is a good day out, with a wide range of farm and zoo animals to look at and pet, as well as twice daily, ‘feed the kid sessions’. The most recent addition is a pride of lions but, unfortunately you’re not allowed to either pet or feed these. There is a lot else to do here with a wide range of playgrounds, climbing areas, pirate ships and go-karts. The highlight for us has always been the indoor fun fair, with a traditional carousel, dodgems and lots of other attractions for children and adults of all ages



Oakwood is a substantial theme park with a good range of pretty scary rides (in our opinion) including a wooden rollercoaster, which goes on far too long. There are rides for all ages and, except on the very busiest days, the queues are not too horrendous.

Also worth considering are Heatherton, with a range of pay as you play adventurous activities and Manor Wildlife Park, a small zoo.