South Pembrokeshire beaches

The South of Pembrokeshire also has some stunning beaches. Our particular favourites are: –

Broad Haven South – (there are two beaches with the same name in Pembrokeshire), a good family beach, which has a magnificent walk around lily ponds behind the beach.

Broad Haven Beach South Pembrokeshire
Broad Haven South

Barafundle – once rated one of the 12 best beaches in the world. Still very unspoiled, because it can only be reached by walking a mile along the coast path.

Freshwater West – another very substantial beach, which has been the set of a number of recent films. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this is where shell cottage was located and is also the site of Dobby’s (the house elf) burial. A beach for walking, rather than families because it is dangerous for swimming and really only for the very experienced surfer. Directly faces the Atlantic and can be exhilarating on a stormy day.

Tenby – Much more commercial, but with two great beaches and a ‘picture postcard’ sea front.